Thursday, 23 December 2010

Being too organised would just be too easy.

Last weekend my house was all lovely and clean. All my present shopping was finished, if not wrapped, food shopping was done online to arrive during this week. I was totally on top of everything. We have all of the family coming over on Christmas Eve evening for food, drinks, conversation and a generally good time. So it was all going too well and too easy, we decided to tile the kitchen floor.

The fridges and freezers, tumble dryer and dishwasher are all in the conservatory. The sink is full of dishes & the work tops covered in all sorts of stuff which I can't do anything about, like drills and buckets of filler, as I can't stand on the floor. The last two evenings we had takeaway food & I now remember that I don’t really like takeaway food. But as of last night at 9pm the actual tiles are all laid. Hopefully today is grouting and by tomorrow the equipment can go back into the room. The cooker is perched on two stools so I am hoping that is back on the ground soon as I have pork, chicken and beef to roast for my visitors. Did I mention they are coming around tomorrow night and I have no kitchen?? Christmas stressful? Never.


  1. Oh Lizzie! I hope you get everything back in it's rightful place before tomorrow!

    Have a fun... and very Happy Christmas :)

  2. Well I pretty much did but a large Christmas tree hiding 25% of the conservatory is a bit of a godsend!


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