Friday, 24 December 2010

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas

I hope you are all with your friends and family and where you want to be, or alone if you prefer.

I am surrounded by my loved ones except my brother and sister in law who are snowed in in Devon. Or at least I was surrounded by them until the first batch went home about a half hour ago. Now we are just four until tomorrow when it all starts over again at mums house. Now my eldest and his dad are playing some game together, my youngest and I are wrapping present. The dishwasher is going as I need to return my mums plates for supper at her house tomorrow. Its almost time to collapse into bed so that Santa doesn't catch me up and awake and not leave me any presents.

Tomorrow we are playing 'Lips' at mums house. Its an X box karaoke type game and we have got some old stuff on there for the older generation and some more up to date stuff for the rest of us - I am young!! I have a couple of on-line quizzes to do. Plus there is the cooking, the eating, the presents, the walk, some more eating.

I hope your Christmas is as lovely as mine looks like being.


  1. Merry Christmas to you too! I hope to be hanging out with my family later tomorrow night. I sure hope I don't get snowed in anywhere.

  2. Happy Christmas Lizzie...have a lovely time with your family x

  3. Hope you made it home Daizy.
    have a lovely time Laura


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