Blackberrys, larders and snow

Got my new work phone today. Interfaced to the work outlook system. Good for work because I can answer queries at any time. Good for me (sort of) as I don't have so many mails waiting for me every morning.

Very nice guy from IT was running through how to use the phone today. He was telling me all about using it for photos, music etc. I wasn't expecting to be able to use my work phone for personal use. I am wondering if this is an opportunity to ditch my own mobile or just super down grade the usage. I had better make sure it is okay to the Blackberry first but this could be very helpful. Only had the Blackberry for a few hours but so far loving it. So much easier to use that the previous PDA. I guess that's why everybody raves over them. Doh.

The new larder is finished. A thing of beauty and a joy forever. The rest of the house is slowly emptying as I move all food and catering supplies in to my lovely new larder. I cant believe how many duplicate jars of things I have now that I see it all together. Three jars of ground rice, similar with self raising flour. Luckily it is all in the clamp top jars so it is all still in perfect condition. It does mean I wont need to buy much except veg and meat for some while. I even have a 56lb bag of potatoes in there. Potatoes are a deal too, less than half the price of buying smaller bags in the . My lovely dad gets them from the wholesaler for me. If the refurbishment of the rest of the kitchen is same quality as for the larder, it is going to be fantastic. I am very lucky sometimes

The whole country is snowed in except, not a flake.


  1. I was thinking of edible blackberrys but this wouldn't be the time of year for those.

    I am jealous of your organising! I must get started on my rooms full of junk.

  2. i have a freezer full of those too, thanks to mum.
    I dont have such a big, boisterous family to look after as you do but you should get started as you might free up money and space.


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