Be careful what you wish for

Snow, loads of it, everywhere. Beautiful but not that convenient. About 30% of us made it into work yesterday. Plenty can work from home but a group of us needed to be there for some things. Payments for property completions to keep people in there houses. We were treated to pizzas for lunch. Unfortunately for the pizza guy not many of his staff turned in either so had to make them all and got lunch mid afternoon. Its the thought that counts. We started leaving at around 3.30pm but the trains and buses were cancelled so I got to use the 4WD on Fahed's car as I spent two hours running people home. Today I too have bailed and am having a flexi day. Dad has hospital this pm which I am hoping he will allow me to transport him up there instead of digging his car out of garage and then reversing down a deadly slop. Then out to visit friends before retiring in doors at a suitably early time.

Still working on plans for 2011 but have decided 2011 is to be Year of Living Interestingly (of a little grammatically suspect).