Change of plans

The plans this year for overseas travel was me, kids and extended family to the Crete house in August/September.
Fahed to Syria for three months to build on the land and be well on the way to selling finished property (This is know as Fahed's pension scheme).

As money grabbing sister and big sister are no longer speak to us the summer in Syria doesnt seem to be worth the effort. Now Fahed's more sensible sister (who never asks for money) is visiting her children in Denmark around Easter and so he will get his family time by visiting them at the same time. Thank you Easyjet. Much more affordable and we all get summer together. The Syria land is co-owned with big sister. Fahed has decided he wants to sell or at least sell our half (maybe to her?) so that we can make our own decisions. My 47 year old is growing up!

We then have to save hard for the next stage of Faheds pension plan when he visits Syria, maybe next winter. Darn, I knew there was a catch!


  1. Too bad it isn't working out with the joint property. I would say selling would definitely be a good idea. Hopefully he can think of a new money making scheme for his pension plan.

  2. I think so. She wants to keep the land but we want to develop. Its a shame though as she is really good as finding a deal. it will all work out in the end.


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