Sunday, 12 December 2010


Plans for 2011 were to leave a more interesting life.

I would like to hike and to dance. I am seriously unfit and have a trapped nerve in my back and a soft tissue injury in my neck and compressed disc space (car accident). I am going to build up my back muscles. I have had 12 month at the chiropractor, copious painkillers, muscle relaxants, physiotherapy. Nothing has worked so far so now I am going with exercise. Once the back and neck start to improve, and I am not going to accept that they wont,then I am going to start cycling and walking more. I have an exercise machine, sort of like a treadmill but not really. Also an exercise bike from the wonderful freecycle.

One hour of day of some kind of exercise, gentle at first but building up. My work are starting 20 minute guided walks around the area from January. I don't actually need to be guided but it will be nice if I have to commit to doing something.In the evenings I will need to make up my hour at home on the machines or walking home or Salsa (yaay cant wait). 5 hours of Salsa does not mean 4 days of inaction follow salsa days. I have to make lots of rules for myself as I am sneaky and will find loopholes.

By next summer I want to be able to carry out a short hike without my lower back numbing. I can do this.

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