Lists, lists, lists

Could be just the time of the year, lots of things to remember for Christmas lots of things to plan for 2011, but I seem to be going list mad.

I love my One Note software, which came with office 2010, and it gives me spaces for infinite lists.

On the go at the moment;

Christmas gift list-obviously. Nearly done!
Shopping list - Big food shop
Things to do this week before we have visitors
Things to do over the Christmas break
I also have my general to do list
Meal planner list for the new year
My 'things I really want to do in the future' list
Fahed's list of outstanding jobs (never ends)
Road trip plans - my 50th birthday trip to the states.

I am quite interested to see if this is new super organised me or just a Christmas moment.


  1. Maybe it is because I don't have a printer right now but I tend to write down my lists instead of put them on the computer. That reminds me...I want a printer/scanner for Christmas. I just might have to buy myself one!


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