Saturday, 18 December 2010

Shopping in the snow

Snow is falling, all around me, children playing, having fun. Was that Shakin' Stevens?

It really is falling all around me but no kids, both stayed at their girl friends houses last night. I am picking Jamal up at around ten this morning though as we are going shopping. Jamal and I like a bit of shopping together. Is it unusual for an 18 year old to go shopping with his mum? Ahdel phoned me to ask if I had a lunch break last week as he was walking around the town and would I like to join him. Love my boys - I am obviously getting in the Christmas spirit already, counting my blessings and loving everyone!!

Shopping update - almost all presents are bought now. All on-line so if the snow stays this week no-one will get their gifts until next year. I did buy them a bit much this year because I felt like a bit of a spoiling would be nice. Last night I finally managed to log on to the ASDA website and ordered food for Christmas and well into the New Year. This morning we need to buy some boots for Jamal, a couple of stocking fillers for both boys, a few bottles of wine and other drinks. Oh,plus Jamal's presents for everyone as he just remembered yesterday he hasn't got anything yet. Bless (Grrrrr).

I had a little challenge to myself not to buy any bathroom stuff until stocks were depleted. I have a full bottle of conditioner and two partial bottles but no shampoo. No bubble bath or shower gel. In fact not very much of anything useful. I may have to finally cave in and buy shampoo today as my hair feels weird today where I conditioned it without shampooing yesterday. I will re-check my stocks first though, don't want to do anything rash

I love snow.

Jamal just called to say are we still on for shopping. Should be even more fun in the snow.

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