Big expenses

Yesterday I had a flexi day to go for a consultation at the laser eye clinic. For a few years now I have needed reading glasses and I know its silly but I don't seem to get on with glasses at all. Apparently one of my eyes is lazy but wasn't picked up and treated when I was a kid hence the other guy is doing all of the work. My distance sight is still perfect. The consultant suggested that they would be able to laser my lazy eye to use for reading. So left for reading and right for distance. Apparently it takes a while to get used to but your brain can cope with this and you don't realise they are both doing different jobs. As I now need varifocals at up to £300 a time, every twelve months, even from Specsavers then the £995 price tag is not as off putting as it first seems. I asked if it will deteriorate again and he says I might need glasses when I am very old but otherwise this would be it.

I will decide by end of the weekend but if I am honest I have decided already. Anyway the money is leaving town thick and fast at the moment so another £1000 wont notice, right! Yesterday we finally got the big car back. Total cost £661 but the mechanic did give it the once over as part of the repair and said it is in perfect condition now, just like new. The engine only has about 10k mileage on it so hopefully he is right.

Faheds PDA cost £70 to be fixed but it is a good one so its worth it, or it will be if he learns to use it properly and stops missing appointments. I take the blame here anyway as I put my laptop in the bag on top of it and broke the touchscreen. £70 is actually a bargain as it was £150 from the dealer.

On Monday my car goes for a service too, so we have another month on bread and water (not true, my freezer and pantry are crammed with food).

Did I mentioned the washing machine is also broken. New heater unit required so it might be cheaper to call the guy than mend it ourselves as he pays lots less for parts than we do.

Fahed has work this morning until 11 and then we are free for the whole weekend except for his voluntary lifesaving class on Saturday night. Feels like a holiday. I just love how long an extra day makes the weekend. I was in the clinic most of the morning so I really only had extra 4 hours but it feels much more.

All the family are away in France but we didn't join them because of all the other things going on so I am a little envious. I know there are having coffee and croissant in the old walled town in St Malo as I type this. I bought my self some Lidl croissants to ease the pain. I should get off my lazy arse and go make breakfast really.