Still working like a crazy woman (started at 8am got home at 6.30 this evening) and very grateful I don't have a job which is more physically taxing. 10 plus hours a day of hauling coal would finish me off. I only live 5 minutes form the office so atleast I dont have a two hour slog on the train too. Instead of being as tired as I was last week I find myself with all the energy I need.

Today I came in from work and stacked the dish washer, sorted the bins and wiped the work surfaces before I even noticed I was home. At work I am getting on top of all of my outstanding tasks as well as managing the massive project which I have going on.

I am hope that the weekend, which is going to be a long one for me as Friday is laser eye clinic enquiry day, is going to be full of activity and general productiveness. I need to keep my momentum. Maybe plan a few things which I can aim to do.

I have a bag of clothes to go to the Salvation Army and a box of china and things which i think there are also happy to take. I could fill another bag and maybe two more boxes at he weekend. As Amazon second hand book seem to make about 1p each at the moment i think that the charity shops might get more benefit. I may be able to get my son to help me take some stuff to the dump as well. Maybe my other son will help me with painting. His intentions are good, always good, but there is normally music to be composed, stories to be written, pictures to be drawn and my tasks get postponed.

The days and so the weeks past ridiculously quickly.


  1. My days and weeks are flying by too! I want the work to be over but I don't want the time to be gone. Where is the happy medium?

  2. I am not sure. I just tell myself it must mean I am happy in my life if the days move this fast.

  3. I hear ya! February is also a short month, too :)


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