I was thinking of a summing up the week post when I just came across this by Moyra, just a few minutes ago.

I am going to write a post about I have to be grateful for in the week that has gone by.

My son that doesn't cook cooked twice for us this week. The second time was borderline edible. Hopefully we are on a roll.

Same son passed a telephone interview for a job as an apprentice trainer at adventure camp. Next step is a two day assessment in North Wales next month. Wish us luck.

Youngest son decided what he wants to do when he leave college in the summer and actually made the effort to get the information from college. Astonishing.

I finally went to the doctor yesterday about the pains and inflammation in my boobs. Obviously I should have gone before but you tend to think that avoiding is better than confronting. Nonetheless Dr F says it is just inflammation and nothing awful so I can relax. Yaay.

Had to quarterly 1 to 1 at work and it was all supportive and nothing that I got torn off about.

All of these good things distract me from;

The fact that eldest son is still without job and I think it is starting to effect his self esteem. He has asked me lately why no-one wants him and is there something wrong with him.

Conservatory is still full of boxes of tools as the shed still leaks.

Pay days are too far apart, there is too much month left at the end of my money.

Kitchen is partially re-modelled and it progresses so slowly that i am losing the will to cook.

But, on another high note, Saturday is almost here again.


  1. oi, lovely, you are not allowed to focus on bad things!! Hope more and more fabby stuff piles into your world with bells on!! lots of love!!

  2. I liked that transition from good to bad and I am glad you left us on a good note other wise I would have been depressed too.


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