Greek Village Omlette - Prefect Brunch

Years ago when I worked in a restaurant in Aghia Galini down in Southern Crete we had lunch for all the staff. We ate there everyday but I guess this was a Saints day or something because we were all at a long table piled with goodies. Anna, the bosses wife/cashier/kitchen hand cooked for us. I commented to an Australian friend of mine who had the restaurant across the way from ours. She told me that cooking is not a may have or may not have skill in Greece. All women can cook and all cook well. Too true. We had Greek salads, patates (chips but sounds more interesting), and all manor of traditional cold dishes. Anna also cooked us an omelette. I was expecting expecting something like the little flat but folded over yellow things you get here. Oh,no. This was green peppers, onion, mushroom, chips and bacon, all held together in a huge cake of an omelette. I was in fear of having to eat it as omelette is so unappealing to me and , well, eggy. This was amazing. She sliced it like a cake and we ate it was Greek salad and fresh local bread.

25 years later this is still a favourite for a weekend brunch menu. Fahed is off to work early but has a mid morning break so we take the opportunity for brunch instead of filling up again later in the day

Greek Village Omelette

Fry enough chips/frech fries to half fill the pan that you want to cook the final omelette in.
Chips should be peeled potatoes cooked in hot oil bot package anything cooked in the oven. I am sure no Greek housewife worth her salt is oven cooking re-shaped potato produce for this dish. And anyway fake chips will disintegrate before the meal is complete.

Drain chips on kitchen roll and leave to one side.

Chop as much bacon as you feel you would like,a little works just fine but you might treat them with extra as there is no lunch coming their way. Cooking bacon is just great for this and extremely affordable. Fry in a dry non stick pan until little crispy. Drain bacon on kitchen roll too and leave to the side. Wipe pan clean.

Heat a little olive oil in non stick pan and fry off a large onion, finely chopped. Before it looses its bite add a chopped green pepper. After a minute a handful of chopped mushrooms. Add the bacon and chips and turn everything over a couple of times with two wooden spatulas.

Crack a half dozen or so free range eggs (remember this is for the whole family so its not as bad as it sounds. If the pan is big you made need more eggs. Add a sprinkle of salt and a sprinkle of oregano, dried is fine.

Poor half of the egg mixture onto the filling. Cook slowly for a few minutes. Cover with a large plate and tip upside down. Slide omelette back into the pan,. Add remaining egg mix. Cook until just setting.

Its best served with the middle of the omelette still a little runny. Take a few attempts to get the middle and the eggyness how your family likes it and they will love you forever.


  1. Sounds yummy Lizzie! I've never even thought about using a plate to turn an omlette over...I'm so useless in the kitchen, lol!!

  2. the first few times can b e a bit scary but after that its fine, well, except when it isnt!


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