Sunday, 6 February 2011

Having a technical moment

I found out how to change my name on blogger so any comments from me now will come up as Lizzie's Home World not just Lizzie and hopefully I wont accidentally obliterate any one else comments.

Next on my list is to get Microsoft Outlook, which I find brilliant to use at work, to pick up my email from all of the various email address in use. It seems so simple but somehow it always errors. I am clearing out old emails form the various collection points as this could be causing overload. Next job after this is washing the kitchen walls with plenty of clambering about on work tops, so I am happy to take my time trying to get Outlook working and leaving my grubby kitchen until later.

Two hours later - still avoiding walls scrubbing I have taken the bottom of my tumble dryer to bits to ensure minimum fluff blocking up vents. This should help it dry more quickly. Roll on summer and outdoors drying.

Three hours even later - Gave in and started on the walls where I can reach them. Turns out that they clean up lovely with a wet followed by dry very large micro fibre cloths. Jamal came out to the kitchen and caught me standing on the worktop. He shouted at me to get down before I fall and then climbed up and did it all for me. My baby is lovely, although he did moan the whole time but I can cope with that.

In between avoiding work I made a delicious mushroom soup, mushrooms cooked off in a little butter, plenty of chicken stock, thickened up by blitzing a couple of boiled spuds in it.
Also almost made a cottage pie. I cooked carrot, onions and lentils until soft, blitzed them and then added minced beef. It does taste good but will be even better when it has a nice coating of creamy mashed potato. That will do us all for a couple of days when served with some veg. No cake making today because I made a birthday cake yesterday and because we have a Christmas pudding to eat up.

I know I sounds very pleased with everything lately but its true, I am. My husband has suffered from anxiety and depression for as long as I can remember but lately they have finally got the balance of meds and exercise about right. It is truly joyous and I am so grateful. Last night as we were settling down for bed he said 'I really love being so happy'. It is fantastic. If you have any kind of problem like this just don't give up. He is almost 50 and life is better than it has ever been. Maybe they say life begins at 40 as that is when you start to understand yourself and the world and how the two interact.

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  1. That cottage pie sounds delicious. They served us something called shepherd's pie at the cafeteria in college but it didn't taste very good.


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