I actually really enjoy settling down to make my task list for the weekend on a Friday night. I always hated lists as they felt like structure but by having a list and mostly keeping to it I know there is nothing else I should be doing and I can be totally in the moment. Perfect. No more rushing to finish something because I should be doing something else.

So aside form my lists we are having a delightful indulgent Friday night. For dinner we had Chip Butties, chipatis Fahed calls them. I am never sure if its just his accent or he thinks it is one and the same. We have now had enough calories to keep us going until Monday, but they were so basic and so indulgent and so yum. We also have 5 episodes of Criminal Minds to watch. Despite only discovering this series over Christmas we are already watching occasional repeats. Fortunately at my age (48) I tend to have forgotten the outcome even just a few weeks after first viewing. Same is true of books I read years ago, the end is always a surprise even after re-reading.

The List
Grocery shopping - fruit and veg, pita bread, Greek yoghurt.
Other shopping - bird seed, fabric dye.
Boots to cobbler for new heels and soles.
Wash kitchen walls ahead of decorating.
Post some bills.
Remove and dispose of clutter in the conservatory (my menfolk have been working out there during the week. All good work but they are more messy than rampaging hippogriffs)
Wrap birthday presents for mum and brother in law.
Make birthday cake
Bag of clothing to charity shop
Photos for e bay sales
Prepare healthy and delicious lunch, almost certainly based on water cress.
clean the hard floors.
Scrub up the kitchen counter tops etc

.........all, in the moment.