A mate of mine at work emailed me today to say we have to book a lunch because if we wait until we have time to lunch spontaneously then its never going to get here. I think I am busy but looking his diary made me feel borderline sloth. He has been ill a lot lately and almost fell asleep at the wheel a couple of weeks back. We decided we should try to go for a regular lunch time walk. I am about a foot shorter so it does look a bit like a Great Dane trotting out with a Yorkshire Terrier and I will definitely get the bulk of the exercise.

I am hoping it will do us good to get away from the desks and into fresh air. I booked the first one today. First day we are both available during lunch time is March 2nd. I plan to book a load more of these walks into our diary well in advance before they fill up with other nonsense (work). I am marking them as private so that no-one thinks its okay to book meetings over the top.

Also if its in my diary I am hoping I will stick to it instead of wussing out.

I have also been collecting green smoothie recipes to try. Thanks for the idea Moyra. I will have energy, I will re-learn sleeping well, I will be fit. I am happy.


  1. March 2? You both are very busy! Do you usually have meetings during lunch?

  2. We used not too but lately we do all the time. Today lunchtime was driving between Windsor Office and Eastleigh Office. Tomorrow we have sandwiches in our meeting, no escape.


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