I need to change my name

I just recently noticed there is another Lizzie in my corner of blogland. I read a couple of comments which I didnt remember making, clicked through the ID and found it wasn't me. No worries, its a nice name so let there be more. But then I made a comment on a Frugal Queen post and the other Lizzies comment disappeared. So I can handle it but blogger doesn't seem to be able to.

I have been trying to work out how to change my blogger name. Can anyone remind me please? I dont want to be shooting down someone else's comments without even knowing it.


From the Ancient Greek Ἐλισάβετ (Elisabet), a transliteration of the Old Testament Classical Hebrew אלישבע (Elisheva, “my God is an oath”).

I like the formalness of my given name but I save it for special occasions. Its too big for everyday life.


Used for work. Not really me. A bit pedestrian and dull. I will introduce myself as Liz. Its for strangers.


This is me. Feels a little bit not so ordinary. Informal and approachable. My name from friends and in blogland.


  1. I like Lizzie too. I work with a "Liz" but, I don't know, it's too short or something. How about Lizbeth?

  2. I was just going to change to lizzie D for blogger purposes but cant remember how to. Its my age, cant remember anything :(

  3. Hi lizzie if you go to dashboard you should be able to edit our profile on the left, change name to Lizzie at Lizzies World or something then it shoud show as that when you leave a comment.

    I think! off to try it with my blogger account :)

  4. seeing if it worked!

  5. dashboard
    edit profile
    display name

    you can delete this x


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