Flaw in the plan

I have designated a big pile of goodies to go on ebay. The only thing holding me up was that I couldn't find my camera and thought it was in the car at the garage. It was actually in the other car but hiding so eventually I found it and brought it indoors. Charged up my batteries and settled down for an hour of ebay photos. It's not working. I can see previous photos but the screen to take photos is blank and any photos I take remain blank. I had a look on the laptop at the photos and my eldest son was 14, and cute in his new Christmas present Parka, in the first photo I took. I 6 1/4 a good age for a digital camera? I think this could be one of those things where if I have it repaired it could be very expensive and I don't really benefit enough from it.
I will try to get a free estimate from a repairer, price a new one but most likely try to talk Fahed into giving me his, as he never actually take any photos. Seems like the most sensible move.

Bit of a nuisance. I really liked that camera. It was simple, like me.


  1. I’m sorry about your camera. I really like my stuff, too, and I hate it when they are broken. I hope you’ll convince Fahed into giving his camera to you.


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