Operation Hippo

I made the mistake of going to the doctor last week with a pain. I didn't have the problem I thought I had. Whoop, whoop. However it did give the doctor the opportunity to spot me. He claims I have gained weight. I am pretty chubby it is true but I haven't got any heavier in the last few years. Apparently he has lost weight, which I guess made me look heavier. Anyway I had to agree that I needed to lose weight regardless of the fact that I am not getting any fatter. So today I started my diet.

I decided to follow the Dukan diet, lean meat & low fat dairy with veg. As carbs give me headaches I am hopeful i can stick with it. I have to see the Practice Nurse every week for a weigh in & see the doctor every month to be checked up on. Writing it on here should make it difficult for me to weasel out of it!

First check up is next Tuesday. I am not allowed to weigh myself between times. Even better, Fahed and the boys are cooking for themselves for a month or two so that I avoid temptation. Surely I must be able to succeed with all this help.


  1. I am rooting for you! I have never heard of that diet. I hope it allows enough interesting choices to keep you from straying.

  2. So far it is dull but surprisingly satisfying. I miss cooking for the family, which is kind of weird. I think i have the whole earth mother thing going on with feeding people.

  3. Good luck with the diet. It doesn’t seem like a drastic diet, so I guess it should be quite easy to follow. I cannot wait for you to tell us the results. Good luck again!

  4. There is plenty food, but just weird. I dont miss carbs so much but fruit and veg i miss. Next week satrts small amounts of veg! yaay


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