Friday, 8 April 2011

Feels like summer

The weather is completely gorgeous. The weekend promises to be just as good. Feels to me like a holiday. I came home from work full of energy and have been cleaning, sorting laundry, sorting junk and cooking.

This week I started a new staff member. She is going to manage 5 of the teams that work for me and I really cant wait. She seems to have all the same kind of ideas as I do and she was as impressed with my staff as I always am. She even spotted the two that are not quite on board! I feel the worries dropping of my shoulders now that I have her. My other two managers are excellent already so I am picturing a real dream team now. Just cant over emphasize how much I feeling about my job suddenly, now that I think I have time to do my job properly.

Since I cut right down on carbs (only those hiding in veg and a few fruits are allowed) I have so much energy and am sleeping so well. Also am rarely hungry. Apparently it may be that my body produces too much insulin and causes me to get low blood sugar, and therefore hunger, tiredness, listlessness and best of all, migraines. Plenty of veg and protein means I eat about half as much food and feel bloody amazing. I wish I had known this years ago but at least I know it now. 7kg weight loss in the last few weeks too.

Tomorrow is a day for food shopping. Veg, bread, yoghurts, chillies and olives etc - I bought a lot of chicken from the wholesaler so we are set for meat. Cleaning, cleaning, there is always more cleaning. Some garden time. Check up at the eye clinic for the laser surgery. Visiting some friends and then my parents. And all in the sunshine.

And just for a bit of extra good news both of the plants which I got for mothers day are blooming. It couldn't fail to raise the stoniest heart.


  1. Sounds like a lovely start to a great weekend. Hope it continues to be lovely.

  2. Thank you. You are keeping fingers crossed for rain and I am keeping them crossed to avoid it.


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