Mothers Day

Jamal texted me from his nan's house with a 'Happy Mothers Day' greeting first thing this morning. Then texted again to ask if his brother was still asleep, so I think he must have texted him to remind him to and got no response. I am off to take my mum a shrub for the garden shortly. Thats more her sort of thing than short lived flowers. It's nice that my babies remembered and no doubt there will be flowers and cards later as I over heard them talking about not getting me choccies yesterday (diet).

Both boys were home yesterday and both in good moods so ganging up on and teasing Mummy. It was fun and such days are what memories are made of even if I got a lot less done around the house than I intended.

I listened to an audio book, Angels & Demons, to give my eyes some rest. It was a good story poorly written and even more badly read (you would need to be told that the accent at one point was Australian, you certainly wouldn't know by hearing it) but more interesting than no input at all. I apparently need almost continual audio or visual stimulation, bit of a surprise to me.

Today the laundry room should be ready for action. Just in time before we completely run out of clothes but I bought three new pairs of knickers just in case. Knickerlessness is not a chance I want to take.

This week is going to be a taking the financial planning in hand week. I wrote to my pension company and got an idea of what my pension will be if I retire at 55 or at 60. I also downloaded the last months transactions from the on-line statement function at my bank. I seem to have less money than i am expecting a lot lately. A quick look through the account tells me that fuel prices are really impacting but not as much as Fahed doing additional shopping and general frittering. I will confiscate his card if he can;t remember his cash pocket money only rule. Funny how he remembers some things but other things are completely forgotten.


  1. Ah, yes, extra knickers are very important when the washing machine is out of service or like me, can only do washing every 2 weeks or so.

  2. Too true, they dont tell you these things at de-cluttering school!

  3. I'm so glad I found someone else who shares my opinion of Angels and Demons (and may I say, Dan Brown, in general?).

    He has great ideas for story, but the execution - hence his writing, absolutely kills me. It's painful to read, as well.


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