I just thought I would waste some more money!

I have been sorting out flights for the trip to the Crete house in August & September. Should be easy but there are too many variables. I have been waiting to hear who is coming for the first ten days so I didn't book it last weekend when I intended to. Flights out are now minimum £126 instead of £90. Flights back are now £140 instead of £110. Rats! Baggage is an extra £25.

Ahdel and some mates are coming with us but he has only ten days holiday so they will leave before my parents and Jamal arrive. We intended to fly direct but on the way back we would take the ferry to Athens and then have a couple of days in Athend before we fly home from there. This was because Ahdel is really interested in his ancient ruins and would have spent a day mooching around the Acropolis. We are not sure it is worth the effort without him although I found what looks like a super and very reasonable hotel. I cant even tell you how many hours, days, weeks, months we have hung around ancient grave yards or caves or ruins whilst he drinks it all in.

So I wish I had booked last weekend but actually I am still not sure what I am booking. Doh!

Anyway Fahed is working this morning but otherwise we have the weekend to ourselves. We have some vouchers to buy Christmas presents from Bodyshop. I know it is early but the vouchers only last until May and we don't often get a day when neither of us is working. We will have a wander around the local charity shops too. We don't buy much but Fahed believes he will one day find something for 50p which will fund the rest of our mortgage so we can all retire and keep chickens instead!

The kids have a voucher, which I bought them in their Christmas present, for a go at zorbing. It is now half price (brilliant, I paid full obviously)but looks great fun. So sometime this weekend of next I will be throwing my kids off a hill in Dorset. Whats not to love.

The weathermen told us this weekend would be more glorious summer sunshine so obviously it is raining and gloomy at the moment. Time to shift my lazy backside out of bed, have a shower and get the laundry going before Fahed gets back from work at 11 and we start our day of holiday.