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The flights had gone up again in the few hours I dallied. I have since been shocked by the cost of airport parking. we ware walking to 70 miles to the airport at the moment!

So I went shopping to feel better. not as mad as it sounds. I bought 4 £30 vouchers for Bodyshop from £12 each to buy Christmas presents. Today we went to spend them and found a load of additional reductions in place. We left the place with £221 worth of presents and stock for ourselves. The girl was excellent and worked out how to maximise what we got for our vouchers. Somehow we ended up with free gifts and all sorts. It was great fun, probably becasue we dont normally do it. I bought some perfume for myself and something which you spray your pillow with to help you sleep. Fahed got his stock of shaving stuff all filled up again. He is sensitive to other products and it is body shop or not at all for him. The rest all went on gifts. We are stocked up for the year.

Then we decided to lunch at Ikea. It can to £12, which was plenty, but if we take the receipt back next month then we can get the same amount of discount from products in the shop. I assume they expect you to forget but I have squirreled away my paperwork already in anticipation. We shopped only on bargains, including a lovely cast iron saute pan, and spent a total of £32.50 for £86.55 worth of goodies. I cannot swear they were all needed (can a trifle dish ever be truly needed)but I am liking them all. The glasses are such good value. 50p each and there are solid and just perfect.

We ran out of steam before we got to the charity shops but we may just force ourselves out of bed in time for a car boot sale tomorrow. I know it seems like a festival of spending but am I sorted for Christmas and Birthdays for the year and we wont go to the shops again until about October!


  1. Getting the Christmas and gift shopping done and getting free gifts sounds like a bargain to me.


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