Royal Wedding

I really enjoyed reading another view of the wedding entirely at The Year of Shopping Detox. Nice to here something nice about Eugenie and Beatrice for a change as they do have a somewhat quirky dress style. Samcam would have looked better in a hat and Harry is my favourite too.


  1. Hi, thanks for the shoutout! I think it's too bad that everyone is criticizing Beatrice as though she was the one who designed and made the hat. I mean, Phillip Treacy designed and manufactured it, Beatrice just happened to pick it up. Anyway, she looks so happy wearing it, who cares if it's odd? It's not like it was bright red and sequinned.

  2. Yes, you cant say they didn't make an effort!
    Pippa Middletons dress was my favourite. Newspaper headlines here are calling her 'Her Royal Hotness'. Very funny.


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