A slightly stressful week

So we try to wait for events to unfold in Syria without worrying too much. I prefer to check the BBC website and find some other country in headline position. Good news though that in talking to family they say everything is as normal out there and we should stop worrying. But I cant imagine that we will!

Fahed had an operation his eye this week. He had an accident years ago when he was doing his National Service and is blind in one eye. Now there are problems and maybe he has to lose it eventually. I know it doesn't really matter but whilst he still has it then we can imagine a time when medicine will catch up with what we want. So he is in pain and a little scratchy, no TV or laptop, no swimming or even going near the pool, no gardening or DIY (pollen and dust) so what is he doing? Sorting out his shed. He is wearing safety glasses and indeed safety goggles as well so I think his eyes are pretty much protected. He is in bed by 8pm!

As he is good enough to sort out his chaos, I have been happily freecycling all his clutter. I feel suitably virtuous as someone else uses up stuff that we have failed to use ourselves. My little patch of the planet must be a lot lighter than it was twelves months ago.

Oddly enough I am stopping re-cycling work for a couple of hours tomorrow for the Royal Wedding. Apparently 2 billion people will be watching worldwide. I know its only an estimate but it seems just amazing to me that 1/3 of the planets population will be watching. I am sure it will be quite spectacular though and I don't actually have any problem with my money being spent on it (as long as every one else dips in, not just me obviously!).


  1. Ouch, I can't imagine how annoying his eye problems are. I had a tiny bump on my eyelid the other day and it drove me crazy!

    A friend just mentioned to me that the wedding starts at 1am here. I don't think I will be staying up. I'll have to watch the highlights tomorrow.

  2. I think it is pretty nasty. I will be nice to him!
    Yes,I can manager to make it to the TV by 11am but not, i think, by 1am! i watched quite a few people arriving and then then a million people surging up the mall. It was quite amazing. Glad I wasn't in the middle of it even though it is only 70 miles away!


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