Friday, 20 May 2011


I had a day off today. My youngest son had an interview in town for the job he really wants (the |Deck Cadetship). We spent the evening going through possible questions and then all piled into town this morning. Fahed and I spent the actual interview time in a cafe overlooking the marina where two lattes and three scones with jam and cream came to a bargain of £8. First time we have had coffee out this year I think. He thinks he did okay but we must wait two weeks to know. If he doesn't get it he can;t apply until next summer as they only recruit annually.

Afterwards we went to Ikea to buy something with our free £12.55 voucher whch runs out this weekend. We bought a pestle and mortar for the other house and a knife for Faheds knife set,. He is buying it over several years as knives are expensive! From the top floor of Ikea carpark we had a great view of the Oriana in what what I think is her home berth. Jamal is dreaming of one day Captaining her. I really hope he gets his chance.

Tonight I have a quiet evening at home as Fahed has poker night. I have taken the opportunity to update the budget. I am toying with cancelling Paymentcare. This cost us £45 per month and cover me for partial mortgage cover for up to 12 months following redundancy or sickness. It doesn't pay for the first month. I don't want to encourage the black fairies to bring ill upon us by cancelling it but i can't think it is useful. if I am made redundant then pretty sure my redundancy money would pay my mortgage while I find another job. Shall I cancel it??

it monthly bills would come to £2265, £1400 0f which is my mortgage (overpaid to finish early). I bring home a little over £3000 so really should be able to pay everything, just like the old days, if we frittered less. I am thinking to allocated pocket money to each of us and then we don't take out debit cards out to pay for a whole month. I will wait until morning to run my idea past my poker playing mate. I hope he wins tonight, then he will be a good mood and agree to all of my daft ideas.

I need to save more. I have a old house waiting patiently for renovation.


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  1. Cancel it. I didn't have that insurance and I survived. I planned on my unemployment insurance to cover the mortgage if I was laid off, just like you said.

    That sure is a pretty house even in its current state.


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