The world ends today.


I have plans though, as I suspect business as usual. My parents are coming back from a week of house=sitting/dog sitting at my brothers house in our hometown of Exmouth. So I'll be visiting this evening.

My plans before tonight when they get home are to scrub and hopefully varnish the sitting room coffee table. It is unfinished wood which is a beautiful look but not very practical so it is getting the ease of use treatment. Finish re-arranging the conservatory. Last bit of garden tidying. After these jobs the house will be pretty much up together (still waiting for my eldest son to paint the hall, stairs and landing and lay the carpet but no surprise there, and the kitchen is only half way to being done but............). I feel so much better when the place is sorted then when we live in a building site. I should start sorting out the attic next. It is full and I can't think most of it is useful if I don't know what is up there.

Despite Fahed losing the poker game last night, and only winning two hands all evening, I bravely mentioned the cash budget idea to him at an ungodly hour this morning before he went off to work. He approved! Lets test it for a month and see what happens.

So if the world ends then its irrelevant but if not I think we have some good structure in pl

ace in the house and in our budget.


  1. No end of the world for me either. Must have been a very select few. Someone is still going to have to do my chores and I guess that is me.


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