Working Friday

I have had a really weird day today. I worked at one of our other offices, in lovely Windsor, about one and as bit hours from home. After a staff meeting I had a one to one with my boss. There was no space available at the office so we had the one to one at a local cafe, complete with Lattes and and Smarties cookies! Despite the fact that we got loads done and sorted out loads of plans I felt as if I had a day out with a friend instead. I am thinking this might be the way to go with one to ones with my managers.
We had to hurry it up a bit as a local recruitment agency wanted to take us out for lunch. A short stroll across the bridge to Eton. Lunch was super and more than I would pay if I was paying for myself.

I was working, honest, just feels entirely more like a fun but economical day out.


  1. That does sound like fun. I think I should convince my boss that I need to visit the UK for business purposes. I don't think we have any customers there but maybe I can find some! Those pictures look lovely.


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