Weekend Plans

Tomorrow - sort out the electricals which I have just noticed are on standby in my bedroom. They are in a closed cupboard and I just forgot all about them. They are hiding in the light, I see them every day so I don't see them. i think there are two old DVD recorders, which I am pretty sure don't work, an old Sky box which I think does work, a satellite receive of the non Sky variety and a surround sound. What can I say? My husband had no toys as a child, not even a bike. He was about 45 before he realized he didn't need to be surrounded by toys as an adult. Ironically we never watch TV upstairs. TV is a very social experience in our house. We watch all together in the sitting room or we don't watch at all. Luckily, or maybe weirdly, we all like the same pro grammes so it works for us. I plan to offer these items on Freecycle except the surround sound, which Jamal has asked for. I am hoping that as well as an empty cupboard this will decrease the electric bill.

I have cancelled my Paymentcare cover so hopefully that doesn't encourage an attack by the black fairies and cause me to be made redundant.

I am hoping to find varnish in the shed to finish my scrub up renovation of the coffee table. I am also trying to find some paint which matches the walls and woodwork in the hall, stairs and landing area. I can't wait any longer for son my decorate it, and as he worked until 10pm last night I don't feel its especially fair to chase him. I will just patch it all up with what paint I can find to match.

Lastly i bought some plant in a charity sale that we had at work this week. I have chillies, tomatoes and some flowery type plants.

Some organisation, some economy and some just fun things for the weekend. And yet another three day weekend should give me chance to get it all done.


  1. I FINALLY have a 3 day weekend too! I should finish painting my shed but it is too hot. I always have some excuse.

  2. Thats is not a problem we often have here. Our she3d is brilliant now, worth the effort. The junk is all gone and the good stuff is all organised. Now I just need to bring the same clarity to the house!


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