Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Bad side effect from de-cluttering

I need a new word for de-cluttering. I like the paring down of all possessions but the actual phrase is starting to irritate me. I also uncovered an un-expected side effect. The more that goes, the more I notice we have way way too much stuff still here. I just cant wait for weekends to arrive to start on another area. I much prefer freecycle and charity shop contributions to other methods. Ebay stresses me out in case the items breaks on route or the buyer doesn't think it is what they were expecting. Throwing stuff away is sad and pointless and only suitable for actual junk. Freecycle is the best because someone actually wants my junk!!

My next side effect is more predictable. My inclination is to constantly clear out my mailboxes, get rid of unwanted files, prune my reader feeds, prune my favourites (and then find that I actually did need to know where to buy organic vanilla pods or whatever).

Seems like I had 50 (well 49) years of acquisition and now I have another 50, hopefully, of disposing of it all again. Still can;t face the attic but I will, eventually, I will.

I think it might have started to finally rub off on the kids. Jamal, easily the slobbiest of the two, tells me he is mucking his room out when he gets his last course work handed in at college. I have given up with his room but I think, and I might be wrong, that the inconvenience is actually starting to get to him. If that is true he is about 30 years ahead of me.


  1. I still haven't managed to get a box of stuff to the charity shop. I pass the drop off place on the way to work and I think 'maybe next weekend'. You are doing much better than I. I did manage to get one extra bag of trash out though. That broken ceramic plant holder is finally out of my yard. Yay!

  2. I suspect i have more junk to start with but nonetheless I am making headway. i think the attic contains enough for another whole house though.

  3. god I know how you feel about the attic. Why do we do it. Am going to have to have a go on freecycle again I think. though I do recall something I tried to give away didn't work, but I sold it instantly for not much money in the local free ads. people are funny!

  4. Its true. People take a while to entirely trust freecycle, its like free stuff must be too good to be true.


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