So what shall we do this weekend?

Yes, its all about the de-cluttering, frugality and a bit of exercise thrown in.

Tomorrow I am going with disposal of junk relating to knocking down a wall in the kitchen. There are two huge baskets of electrical bits. Power cables, controllers scart cables. Neither have been opened in over twelve months so I am pretty sure that their contents must be more useful to others than to us.

It has rained all week and shows no signs of stopping. I have piles of washing but I really don't want to use the tumble dryer. Tomorrow I am going to start try to hang the washing on my old clothes horse and stand it out in the conservatory. I am trying to reduce the electricity bill as much as is reasonable without impacting too much on family life (i.e. TV isn't banned but we never leave it on unless we are watching it). Since Fahed fixed the washing machine and made it hot fill instead of cold fill, which coincidently made my clothes a lot cleaner on a far quicker pro gramme, the electricity bill has decreased but the gas has gone up. Doh!

My re-capture the fitness quest moved on a little this week. i walked into work one morning. I am only doing this when it is sunny because it takes nearly an hour and an hour in the rain will make me damp and grumpy all day. On Thursday I joined a Zoomba class. Quite fun in a completely knackering way and my first exercise class in over 20 years. I have worked out at the gym and various other things in between but this is the first actual class since the kids were born. I will do my best to keep going. If there is no rain tomorrow then I will walk to my parents house, around the same distance as my work. Next on the list I am thinking that swimming should be introduced into the equation. Check out Zumba if you haven't already.