De-clutter Date

I had a day off today so the old chap and I could get rid of a few things. He is totally getting into this now. We started off with the builders rubbish being collected by the hippo man. He was a lovey man and didn't mind helping us to pull the bag out with the car first because we had left it too far from the road. We had a cup of tea togther before he set off on his next pick up. They sent me an email saying that 80% of it was being recycled, I assume it was a generic email but all the same, not too bad I suppose.

As I was in the flinging mood I had fished three t shorts and some jeans out of my drawer as I was getting dressed. Next came the attic. We had to brace ourselves with coffee before facing it, There was barely enough room up there to get off the ladder. We were up there just a half hour as it was so hot but in that time we found and donated five jackets, three of which were leather, three boxed steering wheel controllers for play stations or x box, a massive floor cushion, 2 hand bags. I found a box of swim school badges and certificates from when we had our own swim school, planning to give them to Fahed's boss where he teaches now. A box of certificate files which Fahed is going to give to the kids in his classes when they get their next certificate. A huge bag of maybe thirty pairs of swimming goggles. Still in need of sorting. A lot of controllers and power supplies for various game consoles. Basically it was enough to fill a reasonable sized car pretty much tot he brim for our trip to the Sallie Ann's.
We found some things which should be in the sitting room, the bedroom and the shed.

I am really please that Fahed is working with me. Our junk costs us money as we cant find anything and are always re-buying things we already own. Fahed also donated five PSones for me to eBay. There were also two PS2 to be fixed and hopefully I get to eBay them afterwards.

Tomorrow is another day of work. I would have preferred to be off tomorrow but it is the first of July so I would have lost my flexi day. Saturday is my housework day this week but I have actual plans for Sunday. I am taking my parents to a birthday party on the Island. My friends mum will be 90 so it is time to celebrate. My parents were a little worried about going because my dad can't walk for more than 10 metres at the moment and my mum has some form of RSI in her right arm. My dad cheered right up after the hospital consultant told him he needs a new knee. I think he was worrying that he was making a fuss about nothing but the consultant said it definitely needs to be done so now he knows there may be an end to his pain. I am looking forward to a lovely day out and a catch up with my mate