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Still on track with meal planning except that I seem to cook for 8 and we are only 4, so everything lasts at least two days. Tomorrow is stir fry day. My son taking char grilled turkey pasta for lunches. I think that pasta gives him more energy than sandwiches. Obviously tons cheaper than buying lunch out. Especially when the pasta comes from Approved Foods (recommended). I love that they prefer home cooked food to mass produced junk. Obviously at their age they love actual junk too but they at least draw the line at frozen junk for re-heating.

My dad saw his knee specialist at the hospital today. The guy said he needs a new kneee. The good thing is that he was so definite that Dad doesn't really need to make any decisions. It will be within 6 months but Dad has asked to wait until after our holiday as he wants to be as mobile as possible for this. The surgeon was fine with this. Reading up on the BUPA website I see that is possible to have the operation using an epidural instead of being totally knocked out. Dad has epidurals for the check up and surgery relating to his cancer and he finds it much easier to cope with than anesthetic. Hopefully this will be a possibility for him.

Counting down the days to our holiday. 55 more sleeps until holiday. Whoop.


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