Eek 49

My birthday was Wednesday. 49. I can't even begin to imagine where all that time went. The kids are now 19 and 21. Actual grown ups. Fahed cooked our special birthday meal on Wednesday evening. My gifts were the kind of weird stuff you would expect me to receive.
A mini garden shed from Fahed. He bought it himself by squirreling away odds and ends of money so that I didn't see the joint account go down. He has also made me a jewelery box but it is quite ready yet, apparently because Jamal keeps thinking of new ideas and they change things.

Ahdel took us out for a reasonably priced meal for his & Bonnies present to me.
Jamal bought me a bottle of Gin & one of Tonic. That should last a good long time. My parents, who are definitely as odd as I am, bought me a set of four German limited addition wall plates, circa 1986, I would guess from the charity shop. Mt sister bought me a wall clock for the new house. It is pleasantly quirky. From everyone else I had cards and e-wishes. I love being spoilt. I am not mad about the getting older bit but as I don't feel any older then I guess it isn't so bad.

As well as managing to get a year older, doing all the usual stuff, three days of training and a day of interviews at work, I also worked,with Fahed, through the plan for Crete this year. We have 21 days out there but we have enough work planned to last us for about 6 months. We do what we can but we must also have some fun.

Plans for this week are:
More de-cluttering - pretty sure the foundations are sighing with relief as I empty the house. I sorted my desk out a few weeks back but since then I have raised me game. I sorted it again yesterday and now it is useful storage for the early Christmas shopping I did and the citizens of freecycle are richer.
Stick to the healthy eating - seeing the kilos decrease on the scales is a good incentive.
More exercise - walk to work once this week and try to do it is 50 minutes instead of 55. Go along to Zumba class on Thursday. I have been invited by co-workers.

49, not out.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday Lizzie!!!

    I too am a gin and tonic fan. I love the thoughtful gifts you received.

    You have lots to look forward to this summer!

  2. Happy belated birthday from me too Lizzie!
    Another G&T fan here!

  3. Thank you both. I may raise a little glass tonight!

  4. Happy birthday! Late of course. Your family is great. Sounds like you can put all the gifts to good use.


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