I actually stuck to something!

This morning I walked to work. Took me 55 minutes. I aim to do this at least once a week. I need a new battery for my ipod and I took the top of my toe off on a wire lasso that was hidden in the grass, Yaowwwh.

The first 20 minutes is a country lane between fields. I pass a farm which I covet as a family home, room for all our bright ideas in their derelict out buildings. It is only 5 minutes from home but there is no vehicular access from here so I only pass it when I walk that way.

My mega de-cluttering is really going well. I have daily ads on freecycle. I cant believe that so far the house doesn't actually look even slightly emptier.

Tonight Fahed and I are digging out the planning books for this house and the Crete house. These books contain measurements, plans, guidance, contacts and instructions. They are the ultimate resource on our houses. Its time for an update.