Accidently, the new intentionally

I know 'intentional' is the big thing at the moment. Everything must be deliberate, planned etc
However I am functioning on auto frugal. I just came in from work and made dinner for all. As I was clearing up in the kithcne I noticed;

Pork fillet - Sainburys reduced because of date £3.92 down to £1.50
Value onion
Half a value green pepper
Pot of cream reduced from £1.92 to 42p.
Chicken stock cube ( may have actually paid full price for this)
Served with a packet of spagetti from Approved foods. Bonkers cheap website for food nearing its best before date.

My frugalness is now hardwired.

Edited to say; I forgot to say how it was cooked.
Chopped onion and start to fry, add in pork which has also been cut into chunks. Stir fry until meat is almost cooked, add chopped green pepper. Stir in a tablespoon of clotted cream and the stock cube. Add the cooked spaghetti and a little of the cooking liquor. Super speedy, super yummy and very economical. Just don't have the cream too often


  1. Very good. Now you will just automatically save money. That meal sounded good. If I ever get a real kitchen again I look forward to cooking real food again.

  2. I can do that! Always have the money taken out at payday instead of waiting until you know what you have left.
    My kitchen has been in a state of half built for about a year. They tell me it is on the list!


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