The Penny Drops

Doh, I finally worked out why the house still looks full even though most of its contents are now elsewhere. Three main reasons:

1)My husband and sons are the most untidy people on the planet (but very clean, just messy) which means any space I make is immediately filled with sometihng unnecessary which wasn't there before.
I have now jsut starting get of what they fill the place up with as well. Eventually they will realise they have no possessions left. Haha.

2)My expectations change so I adapt to the emptier house and get used to it and then i notice the next level of contents, if you see what I mean.

3)This is a biggy. I tend to sort out drawers and cupboards so I have plenty of storage space but loads of clutter still on the surface. I am working on this now I have identified the problem. Yesterday I gave my 'preserving dresser' a clear out then moved all the rest of the preserving stuff in their from the larder. That left room in the larder for all manner of equipment from the kitchen worktop. I would say the kitchen looks a lot less crowded. This afternoon I have a chest of drawers to empty so that we can use it to store all of the electronic games equipment.

Three weeks today until we leave for holiday.


  1. That looks so fun. I want a holiday too!

  2. You can stay at my house any time you like. I suspect the flights might be pretty pricey. My friend has arestaurant that run special events to raise money for the local animal sanctuaries, so you would be in good company.

  3. Re 1) my kids learnt a long time ago thst if they left anything lying about in our house it would be it didn't.....most of the time!!

    I'm dreaming of my holiday too!


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