I know I haven't said anything about my weight lately

and usually when I don't say anything it means I have forgotten but....this time it means...I haven't. According to my 'fat spreadsheet' I have now lost 29lbs.I seemed to have moved from Kg to Lbs because lbs sound like more. Whoop. Rather like the house not getting any emptier as I get rid of everything though, I don't look any less chubby. I am, and I can tell because my skirts are all failing down. People have commented but to me I just look the same. I assume this is how I got fat to start with, not having an especially negative self image. I remember going to weight watchers years ago and being astonished when everyone talked about being laughed at by school kids etc. Seriously, never happened to me or I am too thick skinned to notice it. Anyway. I don't want to be fat anymore. its only a matter of time before it impacts on my health,even though I am generally the least sick person you could come across. But I don't want to push my luck and I am benefiting from my back not aching so much, which means more walking, and more exercise means more weight loss. Yaay, protein rocks!!


  1. Wow! 29lbs is a great loss - really well done :)

  2. That is amazing! Hmmm...are you going to pin your skirts for a while or go buy new ones?

  3. That's fantastic!! I too, am on a weight loss journey. I am using Weight Watchers and loving it (I need the extra support and motivation it gives me. So far I have officially lost 22.7 lbs. Weigh in is today.

    Good luck to you, you can do it!

  4. Hi bright and new, thank you. It feels good.

    Daizy, pinning all the way! have mums sewing machine at home to keep making them smaller.

    Tales of a blended family - I know, I have been watching you and actually I think I might have started it because of reading about your success.



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