It's not yet 8am and already.....

I have sorted through the first aid kit. Oh my god, appalling. The box is now only one third full because the other two thirds were seriously out date. The oldest thing went out of date 1995, which I am pretty sure was before i was even grown up enough to have a first aid box.

As I could do this from my bad I was inspired to do a couple more 'from my bed' things. Top drawer of my bed side cabinet. More 'in date' meds than the medicine cabinet but at least I have a home for them having already pretty much emptied that box. The rest was mostly just a ton of old junk.

Next drawer down. More junk but the odd useful thing. These just need moving to somewhere I look if I wanted them. A lot went into my sewing box and so reminded me that the sewing box is on the to-do list.

Basket beside my bed. This contains Rupert, my little laptop. A small pile of paperbarks that I am working through. This year for the first time I realise I don't have to finish a book if it is rubbish or just not my thing. I enjoy that freedom. I am sure it must be easier to get published now as I very often come across books which have a lovely theme and/or cover and are truly dreadful. Also in that box is my 'going on holiday file' where i collate all the paperwork, passports, scuba log books and printed internet pages. Another file containing the manuscript for a recipe book I started to write in the early 90's. I had a fairly positive response from a publisher but it took me a few months to get my act together in the days before computers. When I came back with the first draft my man had been fired. I can't help thinking it was for giving false hope to budding cookery writers. Anyway I still have a herd copy of the manuscript and I was thinking of reviewing and updating it, just for my own entertainment. Other basket items include my birthday and address book, my Crete house book (all measurement, notes, phone numbers, everything about everything), my UK house book (plans) and finally a map of Sardinia. No idea why.

Since I stared getting rid of things I can;t sit still for five minutes without going though a drawer, a box, a handbag. I even did my make up bag, which was very slick anyway I have to say, when I first woke up. The more I do the more I notice. So much junk in this house though that it was be 20 years before anyone else notices.


  1. Well at least you notice that things are getting more organized. Good job! I am always just a little jealous of your progress. I think the only thing that I got rid of this weekend was a rat.


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