Nine days

Last weekend I fell asleep on the sofa. Not for five minutes but for 1 1/2 hours. That never happens to me. I might be pushing fifty but I am not to the mid day nap stage yet. I was day dreaming about our up coming holiday. Then I realise i would miss most of the first week by sleeping morning, noon and night. When I checked my holiday planner I still had 20 days to last me until end of March 2012. I don't get huge amounts of holiday but I brought forward 8 or 10 days from last year. I decided to sacrifice four more days, and a flexi day, for some battery recharging. I am going to sleep in until nine every morning next week. I let Fahed make the lsit of what we are going to do in the days.Now I now he is rally on board with what I am doing. This is what he chose.

First hour or so of each day - up in the attic grouping things into charity shop/freecycle,ebay, keep.
Near the end of the week - massive ebay session
Sort out the study so that we can use it for craft and studying in September (post hols).
Hard landscaping the garden.
A bit of a pickling session, especially our favourite chillies.
Oh, and I nearly forgot, A tour of all the local builders merchants to find the best price in pavers and slabs for the next stage of garden work.

That is pretty much what I would have chosen to do. Brilliant. I love that he is on board with everything,

On top of that he & Jamal cooked today so that I didn't have to when I got home from work. And they got most of the laundry washed and ironed. Bless them.