Quiet as a mouse

This morning is dark and gloomy. Yesterday was summer and all brightness and lightness. Today the sun has been up, in theory, for 4 hours already and I still need an indoor light on to find my toothbrush. No wonder us Brits talk about weather so much. We might not have too many exciting extremes but its not especially predictable either.

The house is in silence and I am quietly reading the BBC news up in my bedroom. Jamal went to a party at the pub last night for his mates 18th birthday. His friends house is difficult to get back to so they are all asleep here in various parts of the house. I bought bacon and bread so Jamal can do bacon sarnies for all when someone finally stirs. They were really good and came in and settled down nice and quietly so I don't feel I can vacuum or set the washing machine going until I have seen a sign of life. It is all very surreal, like I am being made to have a lie in.

I am going to take a nice quiet shower and then maybe have a little sort out in my study. Pretty sure the room is not big enough for anyone to be sleeping in there. I need to go shopping this morning but I will wait to see if Jamal is spending more time with his mates because if not then he likes to come shopping too & he makes it a lot more fun with plenty of laughter.

Its lovely to know I have 8 more sleeps to wake up and not have to go to work.