Saturday, 2 July 2011

Plans for the weekend

Sunday I have my exciting day out. A trip on the boat over to the Island for my friends Mums birthday. Hopefully time for some catching up too. Mum & Dad are really need a day out. Since my dads knee problems they don't go very far whereas previously they were always off to somewhere in Europe or within the country.I think my mum is going a little stir crazy. She is trying to persuade him that a week in Tenerife would suit them but in the meanwhile I think a day on the Isle of Wight will be a good change. Hopefully he will have a new lease of life when he gets his new knee. He really cheered up when they said he needed one. Makes him feel less old too when he knows they think it is worthwhile doing the op. He was in his 80's already when he was told about his cancer. The guy said to him if you were old we wouldn't bother operating but since you could last another 15 years then we should get on with him. he cheered right up. Clever doctor.

Saturday must therefore be my dad of work. Loads of laundry. The rain finally stopped so I hope to get it all done, dry and away.
Fill a laundry basket with stuff for the charity shop.
Fill a large bag of clothes for charity shop.
Dye a door curtain to take to the other house.
Vacuum - didn't do this last week and it looks just awful here. I will wait for kids to wake up first though or else it is just mean.
Cut the grass and re-arrange pots etc where the palm tree died.

Fahed hasn't been feeling so well for a few weeks (physically he is fine) but yesterday he started to pick up a bit. He tries not to let me know when he is down but I can read him like a book after so many years. So today we might work on a list of things for him to do next week.

Jamal has finished college (triple distinction - well down, can't believe my lazy little baby could work so hard). He is looking for some temporary work & taking another exam this year as he is trying hard to get into the merchant navy, In the meanwhile he is also helping his dad with renovations here. Maybe the end of the building work is actually in site.

We were briefly looking for work for Ahdel too this week. He works for a landscaping company whose site is about 20 miles away, 5 miles from the nearest station. He needs to get to work at 7.30am. Up to now they have always been allowed to bring their vans home. He doesn't have a car as he is saving for a new one (yeah success, they understand to save up front and not get into debt when they want something). Someone got a parking ticket on one of the vans but would not admit to it so they all were to have van privileges taken away. So no van means no way to sensibly get to work. The blokes weren't happy and everyone knew who he was. Finally he admitted to it but because he lied for two weeks and got really nasty with all the other workers they fired him. Stupid man, if he just admitted it and paid £30 in the first place it would all have been fine. So everyone was to be banned but now at least they get their vans back on Monday. It does mean I need to give him a lift out there at around 7am on Monday but at least its all back to normal after that.

So highlight of today could well be making them a work list for the next few weeks!! Ha ha, I feel good about doing some delegating.

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