That's what weekend should be like??

Out until 4am, four hours sleep and then off to an all day party. I haven't gone all rock n roll though. We were at A&E until 4am as Fahed had a bit of cardio scare (its called an incident apparently). We got home at 4.30 and I had to be up again within a few hours to pick up my parents and take them to a 90th birthday party of a friends mum that we were attending today. Couldn't go late as the boat was booked. I had chocolate and an energy drink to stay conscious. However it was a lovely sunny day and we had a super time under the gazebo with a delicious selection of home made quiches, salads and cold meats. My favourite dessert ever, Eton mess. Then fruity and highly alcoholic birthday cake. As well as being fun I picked up some good ideas for the garden landscaping and learnt all about wood burners.My parents had a great time too and it really did them good to be out and be socialising with friends. My dad enjoyed talking motor bikes and I am pretty sure he would have jumped out for a ride on a gorgeous

old Royal Enfield if his leg was better


  1. Mmm...that looks good. Sorry to hear you were up all night and glad it wasn't too serious.

  2. Hope Fahed is ok and that you're not too tired after your hectic weekend.

  3. Hi Daizy & Kim
    He is off to the GP today as he has to have a 24 hour cardio trace. Apparently his original heart attack did some damage that is now coming to light so we can maybe expect some odd tihngs from time to time.
    Just sittinga t my desk, waiting for hometime and yawning a lot!


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