This is me

I am so like this

I have been cutting my own hair, forgetting to dye it until I look like a badger. I had to stop wearing make up for a month when I had my eye lasered but that was back in March and I sort of forgot. Same thing with moisturiser. My skin fares quite well without moisturiser but it does much improve if I make the effort to slather something onto it nightly. I think its highly unlikely I will be attending weekly hair and facial sessions, not to mention manicure and pedicure (never had either) but I have made a start by having a hair cut yesterday. I might make myself a little sign to stick on my wardrobe for a couple of weeks saying - night cleanse and moisturise, morning make up. You can get away with being a bit slack on maintenance when you are 25 and glow with health , not so much at 49.