Some structure required

I had some thinking time this week (for thinking time read: blog reading time)and decided to adopt a couple of new practices. These are things I previously did but can wander from the path if I don't lay it down in black and white.

Shopping once a week. No one will die if we run out of salad. Once a week shopping is perfectly doable. This almost automatically keeps me within my grocery budget. The thing which causes me problems is popping to the shop, especially the local Waitrose, because I need one thing and each visit racks up £30 in 'bargains'.

Back to my new eating regime. I feel very lethargic with this weeks opportunities to eat when bored. This also means taking my food with me every day and not popping to the shop or down to the sandwich van 'just this once'.

Monday to Friday as no spend days except for Zumba on Thursday. Note to self: the non spend cop out for Thursday is limited to Zumba not to anything else I might fancy buying.

Fuel to be purchased as required and does not break non spending rule. Every attempt must be made to keep mileage to a minimum and to use most economical petrol supplier. I have a weekly email keeping me up to date on local prices so really no excuse. I have signed Fahed up to the same email for LPG and will badger him to ensure he used LPG and not petrol.

Something I also want to look at. I have a number of accounts with the same bank. I want to move all of my outgoing payment to the other current account so that my zero account, which can be used overseas, has just my pocket money, petrol money and grocery money in it. I am not sure how easy this is or whether it will lose its zero account status. I don't think it will as the money will still all go through here, it will just move to the other account in one lump instead of disappearing in dribs and drabs.

Okay, time to go cook. I am feeling something Anglo Mexican (well my idea of Mexican but probably nothing like real Mexican). I must have been spending a lot of time on blogs close to the border this week.


  1. So, what does Anglo-Mexican consist of?

  2. Well there were hot and spicy chickens wings, refried beans (which were a tin of butter beans and a tin of drained baked beans fried up with a little olive oil and seasoning, a dish full of tortilla chips with some left over spaghetti bolognese sauce, some sliced jalapenos and some cheddar cheese all draped over it and then baked int he oven. I suspect it might be way more English than Mexican!!


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