Counting down the days

Last day at work tomorrow, just before holidays not forever. Next week I am going to work hard on making my other house a little more like home. It is called Villa Shamsea after my late mother in law. Shamsea is Arabic for Sunshine, so my house is a house of sunshine. Its really our family house not a holiday rental but I plan to rent it out just for a year or two to help to pay for itself. It is a design that can't get us a holiday rental license so we can only let it on a long let. Its all legal then just as long as we pay our tax (and I pay so much tax I cant believe anyone pays anymore some days).

In between days at the Sunshine Villas we plan to have a day or so of Scuba.
The kids will be searching palaces, graveyards and any archaeological remains that they can in search of something which was missed.In Crete some of these sights are so simple and undeveloped that it does feel like you could be the first person to walk there.

I like the evenings of endless family meals where we can chat for hours. This is my friends restaurant where we will spend plenty of perfect evenings.

And did i mention days of endless sunshine. Anyone who has spent this summer on the South Coast of England must appreciate such a thing. Today, in mid August, stepped out of my car into a 3inch deep puddle.


  1. What gorgeous pictures Lizzie! I'm so excited your holidays are here. You and your family deserve this! Happy travels home.

  2. Thank you. We come back via LHR so will be thinking of you

  3. Even the pictures of crumbling walls look pretty. Have a great trip. I hope you get a lot done.


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