Small differences, big differences

I finally started reading 'Getting Things Done' and recommended byt he original Get Stuff Done Blogger, Moyra. I bought it weeks, maybe months ago and it has taken me until now to start reading it. That tells me i really really need it. So far it has been very sensible and informative and I am only a couple of chapters in. I have high hopes for this. Too often I buy books which promise to help me do 'something' and they turn out to be packed with padding and waffle but so far this one seems different.

On a slightly connected note we have been continuing the de-clutter. Today we had the second attic session. It took us about one hour of attic time, an hour and a half of sorting time. the boxes and bags for charity are all packed in the car. There are a few things which we want back in the house, somethings had got broken and were only fit for the bin. All together I think we are half empty in the attic. There will be some things which we always have to keep up there, out of season bedding, camping gear, suitcases. I also found that we have about eight duvets. I cant even imagine why that is. I certainly don't recall buying them. i remember when we moved from double to king-size. Our bed is double (its more sociable than king sized) but the duvet is king-sized so we don't have our bums hanging out in the cold in the winter. I have no clue where all the rest came from. next stop on my list is too have a quilt/duvet sort out. I cant see the attic and I don't go up there from one month to the next but I really do feel better knowing it is more empty. I wonder if it was the overstuffed attic which was causing me to not appreciate how much of the house was being emptied out for the last few months.

My all together favourite thing about ditching all this junk is that Fahed is just as keen as I am. He has always liked to keep everything, even if it is truly rubbish (pile of old Radio Times magazines anyone?). He had no toys, not even a bike as he was growing up and he had issues with ownership of stuff for years because of this. He obviously equates possessions with security. Before his depression was diagnosed he spent huge, by my standards anyway, amounts of cash on stuff we really didn't want or need. Now he is all together happier and healthier he gets £150 a month pocket money which he either squirrels away for when its needed or spends it on me. He never breaks even the food budget anymore. This coupled with his inability to turn any work away has really made us a lot better off now than we were ten years ago. So a special three cheers for our GP for persevering with getting his meds right and making his life considerably more liveable.


  1. I still having read this book (and thnk I probably should!). It sounds like you're making progress anyway.

    Yay for GP's who sometimes get a bad press.

    I'm so sorry Lizzie but I missed your last post...I hope your Dad is ok/feeling much better now x

  2. I think I sort of am. I need to be more structured and disciplined but I am geting there.

    and super Yaay for the NHS who really do look after us.

    He gave a bit of a scare this week. we thought it was a astroke but now he looks just fine and the rest of us are having kittens!!



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