Sunday, 21 August 2011

Last few things

I have checked our flights - all looks good but of course you never know until you get to the airport.

Bags are all packed and just need to be locked.

The bird is in his holiday cage and went to his Grandma's house last night. When they come out he will move to his Aunties house. He is such a lovely cute little fella that everyone wants to have him and no-one wants him to come home again afterwards. The house is quit this morning without him.

House is clean, dishes are done and all laundry is clean and dry. I am not sure what it will look like when the kids are in charge but for the moment it is all up together. I will empty the bins before I go.

I am sorting out my carry-on bag now. Book, ipod, neck pillow, mobile phone, china wall plates that my mum wants me to hang in the house and I don't think that they survive in the cases, driving licenses. Fahed has the tickets, passports, insurance and EHIC cards, along with his scuba diving log and card. He also has his medication. I have packed heart meds etc that will last a month just in case anything goes wrong.

Had a message from my friend in Crete saying her husband is dropping a box of water at the house today for us and that their restaurant is open until about 1.30am this year just in case we are hungry before bed.

All sorted! Bye for now, I am off to the sun for 22 lovely days.


  1. Please for Christ sake help this poor boy from Haiti

  2. Hope you have a wonderful trip!

  3. Have a lovely holiday. Looking forward to the photos. :)


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