Feels like a lifetime since I was last here. we had a brilliant time. We worked really hard and built ourselves new stairs, fitted out the kitchen with new worktop etc, fitted ceiling fans, curtain tie backs, handles, painted, filled and painted some more. I cant remember working so hard on hols ever but it did start to look more like home by the end. Here are a few photos.


  1. The kitchen looks great! I would love a kitchen like that. Very interesting light fixture over the table. Love the goat too. Was he just passing through?

  2. I bought my weird light fitting at Lidl(really cheap discount supermarket in England) and took it out there in my luggage. My friend bought the same one at a proper store in Germany and brought it back to England with her. She wasn;t happy when i told ehr she could have got it here for £15!
    There was a flock of them, and i made sheep/goat noises. I assumed he would run but instead he came over to meet his new friend! pleased to say no rattle snakes though


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