Saturday, 6 August 2011


Like Laura I am discovering that focus comes easier when there is less to focus on. I know it is obvious but it is only obvious once it has dawned on you.

I feel better since we made the decision about our property. By the end of summer we hope to have sold up in Syria. Whilst we are in Crete we will get all the work done on our main house (yeah, we will, honest) and we will start looking for a builder to do the concrete work on the old house.

Our immediate neighbor in Crete is an old lady who is the cousin of the guy we bought the house from. She was quite tearful when she saw how the old house was falling down. Fahed promised her we would rebuild and it would look great again. I considered building four apartments and digging into the hillside more to built two stories but we have decided against this. We will follow the old foot print exactly. The internal layout wont be the same but the house will be in keeping with its situation. And I am pretty sure the old lady will love it. Legally we have enough room for 4 houses on our plot in total. That's not the plan but we see in future.

In the virtual world I have been adding blogs to my reader a lot lately. Most evenings I have about 40 plus waiting for me. I notice I don't really read them and that a few actively wind me up! So last evening I had a clean out. I would rather concentrate and read fewer. Tomorrow (or later) I will update my blogroll too. Because I use Google reader I tend to forget about the blog roll. Whilst i am getting organised I guess I should really tag my posts too. Oh ear, my house keeping skills are so bad.

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