I actually start to see the difference

Bags and boxes leave the house for new homes weekly now. And finally i think I start to see the difference. There are piles of tools, household items and cases everywhere as we maximize how much we can take to the Crete house with us this year. I don't like to buy things that I already own so instead I get good at packing suitcases. I think once we have closed up the cases then really we do see a difference.

We still have some shopping to do, mostly tools, but overall we progress. My friends kids want a skateboard (the boy) and wool for knitting (the girl)to be brought over. We normally take colours, stationery etc for them too. I need a really large fan for the sitting room. I have a bid on for a new ceiling fan with lights from Germany. They will deliver straight to Greece more cheaply than sending it to here. Wish me luck with that one.

For my eldest sons bedroom I bought a second hand ceiling fan with lights from eBay. I picked it up from a house near my sister. For Jamal's room we are going to re-use the fan from the sitting room here. We can use it as the bird thinks it is a perch and I don't want to kill him. We bought a new light fitting yesterday, from £79 down to £30, which has metal branches and leaves. We thought maybe the bird likes it but not so far. He is very unhappy with us. Its a good deal though and it all works out well and avoids waste.

I would like a chandelier for our bedroom. I have never had such a high ceiling before so i feel like being a little indulgent. But i would like someone to be selling one quite cheaply on eBay because even when i feel indulgent I prefer not to spend too much actual cash.

I have a dinner with work colleagues tomorrow evening when one of my dearest work mates retires for the second time. On Wednesday we have a surprise dinner for my sisters 60th birthday. For me this is a really socially busy week. I will enjoy myself but at the back of my mind I know I should be wrapping Ikea

lamps in bubble wrap! I guess that can start again on Thursday.